Friday, 7 April 2017

C9 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates: 03 Apr  - 07 Apr 2017
Class: 9
Class teacher: Rohini Srivastav
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Discussion of how to write good answers .
Reading and classroom discussion of 1B
Framing of questions
Reading and classroom discussion of 1C
Crossword 1B and 1C
Completion of comprehension for unit 1B
Conducted dictation and reading.
Explained poem no 1.
Completed vocabulary.
Explained grammar.
Complete question and answers and dialogue writing.
कठिन शब्द और शब्दार्थ लिख्या गया.
कविता और प्रश्नोतर लिखने को कहा गया.

L.No.1 ‘animutyalu’ poems explained. Kavi parichayam also done.
Learn and practice poems with bhavam.
Test was conducted.
Continue the chapter Real number. Topic covered were (terminating and nonterminating decimals and ex: 1.2).
Project are assigned.
Bio Sci
Cell Its Structure and functions- cell organelles- nucleus, cell wall, chloroplasts, vacuole, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria.
Read the lesson thoroughly. Complete Improve your learning question answers.
Phy Sci
Matter around us and introduction of chapter 2 - Motion.
Rest and motion - both are relative.
Distance and displacement; speed and velocity; acceleration, average speed and velocity.
Improve your learning questions must be answered in written work along with required diagrams. And also prepare for a unit test in chapter 1.
Phy Ed
Not updated
Soc Std
Chapter -1: Our Earth
  • Earth as a Planetary Body
  • The Evolution of the Earth
  • Internal structure of the Earth
  • Movement of the Earth’s Crust
  • Latitudes
  • Longitudes

Complete Improve your learning of Chapter:1  Our Earth
Different locations were given to find out time difference.
Slip test in Chapter : 1 - Calculation of time difference
Slip test in Chapter : 1 on Thursday.
Social class.
Biology class

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