Friday, 30 June 2017

C6 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates: 28 Jun 2017 -  30 Jun 2017
Class: 6
Class teacher: Ms Vaseema Sultana
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Synonyms and Antonyms
Adverbs of frequency
Cause and Effect
Readin 1B with POS marking two paragra
Explained mufarrid and murakkab hurf e tahaji.
Vocabulary of hurf-e-ellat and hurf-e-sahi.
Conducted dictation.
Assigned FA 1 project.
वर्णमाला लिखाया गया वाक्य बनाना सिखाया गया.
पाठ -१ समझाया गया
कविता लिखने को कहा गया.

पाठ-१ के प्रश्नोतर लिखने को कहा गया.
FA-1 project work started.
Prepare for slip test in basics.
Estimations , Rounding off to the nearest 10’s,100’s and 1000’s. Putting the commas and write in words(Indian system).
Complete all the do this of 5, 6,8 and 9.
Chp.2.Playing with magnets-Introduction, magnets of different shapes,activity for finding materials attracted by magnets.
Complete Improve your learning Q/A of Chp.1.
Prepare for the slip test.
Phy Ed
Verbal explanation given to introduce Physical Education and discussed its resources, also practically involved in PE component fun activities.

Soc Std
  • Completion of written work of Ch:1 and 2
  • Revision for F.A slip test.
  • F.A slip test on 4 july
  • Complete map pointing book -Ch:1,2
Students made greeting cards for father`s day.

No Class due to festival.
Introducing basic concepts in Ms Word.

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