Thursday, 22 June 2017

C6 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates: 19 Jun 2017 -  23 Jun 2017
Class: 6
Class teacher: Ms Vaseema Sultana
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Revision of Parts of Speech.
POS marking a paragraph.
Reading of 1A
Paragraph Writing
Completing the POS marking of the paragraph
Completing the question and answers
Collecting data for the FA1 Project
Conducted picture comprehension.
Conducted reading and writing test.
Reading of 1 poem.
पाठ-२ समझाया गया.
भाषा की बात तथा परियोजना कार्य समझाया.

पाठ-१और २ के प्रश्नोतर लिखने को कहा गया.
Taught ‘gunintapu gurtulu’
Activity done on magnetic tiles.
Learn varnamala & gunintapu gurtulu.
Complete the class work.
Started new chapter Knowing our Numbers. Concepts covered were (Arranging numbers into ascending and descending order, identifying greatest and smallest numbers, converting from words to figures and figures to words).
Collect the information of any two Indian mathematician with their pictures.
FA-1  Lab activity and project work.
Ch-1 - different food habits, preservation of food, different methods of preparing food.
Complete Improve your learning question and answers of Ch-1 ‘Our Food’.
Phy Ed
Verbal Introduction of PE and its basic rules taught. Practical fitness fun games played.Various tag games and parachute activity held to improve the physical components.
Instruct to workout of PE at home.
Soc Std
Completed Ch:2 Globe- A Model of the Earth
  • Complete box questions and Improve your learning of Ch: 2  Globe- A Model of the Earth
  • Make a Pyramid with the different types of maps of India.
Students made greeting cards for Eid.

Introductory class to find prior knowledge of computer in a mutual discussion.
Revise basics of computers.

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