Friday, 7 July 2017

C7 Weekly Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates: 03 Jul 2017 - 07 Jul 2017
Class: 7
Class teacher: Ms Kavitha Akula
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
FA1 Reflection(guidelines given)
FA1 Project
Report Writing(guidelines given)
FA1 Slip Test
End of Unit Assessment
FA 1 project completed.
Explained the steps of newspaper reflection.
FA 1 slip test in 1 poem and grammar.
लघु परीक्षा लिया गया.
परियोजना कार्य कराया गया.

पाठ पढ़कर कठिन शब्द को रेखांतित करने को कहा गया.
FA-1 reading test and slip test conducted.
L-2 read and underline hard words.
Completed FA1 framing of questions and FA1 project.
  Introduction of decimal and place value of decimal has completed,
Complete the class work and prepare for FA1 slip test in the chapter integers and fraction and decimal.
Ch. 3 Synthetic fibre and plastics
From story of silk moth to production of silk cloth. Slip test in Ch. 1 and Ch. 2
Complete IYL of Ch. 3
Phy Ed
Discussed about topic (Resources of PE) practiced various basic Line formations and played fitness and team development games (Hula hoop rescue, shark attack, Bump tag and centre dodgeball)
Tell them to do the fitness practice at home.
Soc Std
  • Completed part 1 of Ch:11 New kings and kingdoms shown related videos
  • Introduce part 2 of  Ch:11 New kings and kingdoms
Write autobiography of “Mahmud Ghazni”.
Box questions of pgs.104 and 105.
Students did drawing and colouring activity for Rangotsav celebration competition.

Ms Word 2013 ;Macros with signature Read mode; Insert pictures, online pictures, online video media, screen shots; Page color, border, watermark; Spelling and grammar, word count.
Practise all these features at home PC.

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