Friday, 28 July 2017

C9 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates:  24 Jul 2017  -28 Jul 2017
Class: 9
Class teacher: Ms Rohini Srivastav
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
FA1 Slip Test done for absentees
FA1 Project and Reflection presentations done
End of Unit Assessment Unit 1
Making Connections introduction
Reading Unit 2A
Completed lesson no 2.
Writing of words and meaning from dictionary.
Complete the question and answers.
Prepare for unit test from 3 lessons.
पाठ-३ वृंद के दोहे समझाया गया.
दोहे लिखने को कहा गया.

पाठ-३ वृंद के दोहे के प्रश्नोतर लिखने को कहा गया.

Explained about education leaders.
Reading test conducted in ‘chadavandi alochinchandi’.
L-3 ‘Jati gouravam’ started.
Learn song of ‘Jati gouravam’.
Explained upto Exercise 4.3 in the chapter  Lines and Angels
Complete remaining problems of the exercise 4.2, 4.3  and worksheets given.
Bio Sci
Ch- 4: plasma Membrane - exosmosis, endosmosis, diffusion.
Conducted Unit test in ch-3.
Complete Improve your learning of Ch-4.
Collect information on Dialysis for FA-2 project.
Phy Sci
Refraction of light - all about angles i, r, critical. Snell's law, relation between n and c. Lateral displacement and related activities. Unit test in Ch. 3 Laws of Motion.
Unit test in Ch.4 Refraction of light on Tue 2nd Aug 2017.
Phy Ed
The students were taught and practice of Handball game and actual rules were modified to help in easy learning and also did skill practice and endurance development activities.
Soc Std
  • Introduction of Ch13: Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions: 17th and 18th Centuries
Topics covered
  • Introduction
  • England the Civil war and the Glorious Revolution
  • American Independence 1774-1789
  • Unit test on Monday in Ch:1, 2 &  12.
  • Locate British, French and Holland colonies on world map and stick in C.W.
Students did resist art activity.

Functions in Ms Excel; Practised the same and noted about the same in notebooks.
Practise more functions in excel at home PC.

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