Friday, 11 August 2017

C9 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates:  07 Aug 2017  - 11 Aug 2017
Class: 9
Class teacher: Ms Rohini Srivastav
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Character sketch of characters in 2A
Used compare and contrast to differentiate between characters.
FA2 Reflection
FA2 Reflection
F A 2 reading reflection Completed.
Discussion and distribution of 1 end of unit assessment papers.
Complete the class work.
F A 2 project assigned.
पुस्तक पठान प्रतिवेदन कराया गया.
परियोजना कार्य कराया गया.

उपवाचक पाठ पढ़ कर नये शब्दो को रेखांतित करने को कहा गया.
लघु परीक्षा की तय्यरी करने को कहा गया.

FA-2 Reflection and project(patriotic songs) done.
Complete the classwork and homework for FA-2.
Prove the theorem of triangles.

Solve the problems based on the theorems.
FA2 Framing of questions has completed.
Project work has assigned.
Complete the chapter Lines And Angles.
Do the project work.
Bio Sci
Diversity in living organisms - classification and evolution, history of classification, the hierarchy of classification, characteristics of monera, fungi and protista.
Test conducted in ch-4.
Complete classwork for FA-2
Phy Sci
Gravitation - conceptual understanding and numerical questions based on  uniform circular motion, velocity vectors, centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Universal law of gravitation.
Complete IYL of Gravitation.
Phy Ed

Soc Std
CH:13- Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions :17th, 18th and 19th Centuries ,  Completed.

Fa Reflection done.
Submit completed classworks (Ch: 1,2,12, 13 - Box questions, Improve your learning, Timelines and maps given in homework) on Friday (18-8-17), to allot the Fa written work marks.

Fa project topics given. Bring information on Friday (18-8-17).

Read Chapter 3 - Hydrosphere.
Students  did theme based drawing and made paper chain.

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