Friday, 13 October 2017

C 10 Weekly Lesson Report.

Weekly lesson report
Dates:09-Oct to 13-Oct-2017
Class: 10
Class teacher: Ms Sabeeha Ishrath.
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Creative writing
Major Discourse:Essay writing
Discussed assessment indicators for the same
Unit 4A Mark Reading
Watched the video and wrote a paragraph,including the “What” from the video and Conclusion.
Pre finals
SA1 Revision.
Re teaching of poems.
Conducted pre-final exam.
Discussion of  the answers happened after correction.
Prepare for SA 1.
Conducted pre-final exam.
Re-teaching of all lessons.
Prepare for SA 1 examination.
L-5 ‘Shataka sudha’ grammar & objective explained.
SA-1 revision started.
Pre-final conducted.
Prepare for SA-1
Pre- final conducted.
SA 1 revision started.
Prepare for SA1.

Bio Sci
Pre-final conducted.
SA-1 revision started.
Prepare for SA-1.
Phy Sci
Conducted pre-final exam of SA 1, discussed the same in the class and effective revision/reteaching to enhance conceptual understanding using activities and labelled diagrams is in progress.
Revise  S A 1 portion and collect doubts, if any to discuss during revision/re-teaching classes.
Phy Ed
No class happen due to their pending academic worked.

Soc Std
  • Revision done for SA1 pre final
  • SA1 pre final conducted
  • Ch:7 Settlement - Migrations done.
  • Complete improve your learning and box questions for Ch:16 Election process in  India.
No class due to pre final exam..

Wrote programs on C language; Mathematical operations; calculating simple interest; calculating area and perimeter of rectangle

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