Friday, 1 December 2017

C6 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates:-27 Nov  2017 -  1 Dec 2017
Class: 6
Class teacher: Ms Vaseema Sultana
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Mastery - based Learning
  • Essential Skill - Reading
  • Learning goal no. - R02
  • Mastery level - Beginner
Learners were provided with level 4 reading cards.
Learners defined the meaning of the words in the familiar and non-familiar contexts and interpret the meaning of the reading passage.
Answered questions given on the cards.
Collected peer review and entered the score in OBS report card.
  • FA3 Reflection
Essential Skill - Reading
Learning goal no. -R02
Mastery Level  - Beginner
FA3 Project work
FA3 Slip test
F A 3 Reading Reflection.
F A 3 Project.
Prepare for slip test in MBL.
पुस्तक पठन प्रतिक्रिया कराया गया.
हर मात्रा के ५ शब्द लिखने को कहा गया.
FA-3 reading and project done.
Prepare for FA-3 slip test in MBL.
Started new concept i.e. Data Handling.
Topic covered were Data, tally marks and frequency distribution table.
Solve the given worksheet.
FA-3 Slip test conducted.
Changes around us- changing of milk to curd, change in the state, permanent and temporary changes, fast and slow changes.
Improve your learning Q/A discussed and given in their C/W.
Prepare for the End Of The Unit Assessment next week on Ch-10 Changes around us.
Phy Ed

Soc Std
FA3 revision
FA3 slip test conducted
CH: 5 - Penugolu: A Village on the hills (Introduction)
Read CH: 5 - Penugolu: A Village on the hills
Prepare for NFLAT
Prepare for MUN
Students did drawing and colouring activity on milad un nabi theme.

Introduced Padlet; Made login into padlet. One question was shared with students and they shared their opinion on the same.
Continue to interact on padlet using PC.

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