Friday, 5 January 2018

C9 Weekly Lesson Report

Weekly lesson report
Dates:  01 Jan 2018 -  05 Jan 2018
Class: 9
Class teacher: Ms Rohini Srivastav
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
Mastery - based Learning
  • Essential Skill - Reading
  • Learning goal no. - R02
  • Mastery level - Beginner
Learners were provided with level 4 reading cards.
Learners defined the meaning of the words in the familiar and non-familiar contexts and interpret the meaning of the reading passage.
Answered questions given on the cards.
Collected peer review and entered the score in OBS report card.
  • FA4 Reflection
FA4 Project work
FA4 Slip test
F A 4
Completed Reading reflection.
Project work.
F A 4 Slip test.
पुस्तक पठन प्रतिक्रिया कराया गया.
परियोजना कार्य कराया गया.
लघु परीक्षा लिया गया.
एम.बि.एल पढ़ने को कहा गया.

Essential skill-Reading
Learning goal no-05
Mastery level-Developing.
Practice reading from varied sources.
Completed FA4 framing of questions and FA4 project.
FA4 slip test in the next week.
Portion is surface area and volume.
Bio Sci
Ch-11 Biogeochemical cycles- Nitrogen cycle- nitrogen fixation, nitrification, assimilation, carbon cycle and water cycle.
FA-4 Project work done.
Complete your Improve your learning of ch-10.
FA-4  Slip test will be conducted on 9-01-18 i.e Tuesday in ch-9 and 10.
Phy Sci
Work and energy - finding the height of School building without using a length measuring device and calculating power of five students using a scales and stop-watch.
Complete IYL of  Work and energy and prepare for slip-test in Work and energy.
Phy Ed
Start new topic (Cricket) introduced by new intern Mr Zeeshan, Practicing skills at Balsetty Kheith Ground.

Soc Std
MUN Rehearsal.
CH : 19 Democracy an evolving idea
FA 4 Slip Test w be conducted on 8th January.
Students did drawing activity.

No Class.

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