Friday, 12 January 2018

C9 Weekly Lesson

Weekly lesson report
Dates:  08 Jan 2018 -  11 Jan 2018
Class: 9
Class teacher: Ms Rohini Srivastav
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Topics & Activities this week
HW & assessments next week
  • MBL
ES: Reading
LG: R01 (Level: Beginner, competent), R02A
Students were regroup in teams according to the same competency level to accomplish mastery.
Learners targeted Beginner and Developing Level to accomplish Learning Goal R01 and OBS Reading cards (Level-4 and Level-5) to accomplish Learning Goal R02A.
  • Project Bibliophile
Novels issued
FA4 project work given
Holiday Homework given
F A 4 project completed.
F A 4 slip test.
Essential skill-Reading
Learning goal no-05
Mastery level-Developing.
Practice Reading.
FA-4 reflection, project and slip test done.
Read Telugu news paper daily.
Conducted FA-4 Slip test.
Revision of slip test done.
Homework was given in C.W
Bio Sci
FA4 slip test conducted.
Biogeochemical cycles-Ozone layer, its depletion, oxygen cycle and greenhouse effect.
Complete Improve Your Learning of Chp-11.
Revise Chp-7, End of Unit Assessment will be conducted on 17-1-18.
Phy Sci
Heat and temperature, specific  heat, evaporation and method of mixture.
Revise Heat and prepare for presentations on selected topics of Heat.
Phy Ed

Soc Std
FA 4 Slip Test conducted.
Ch 8 Service activities in India [completed].
Complete box questions and improve your learning for Ch 8.

Introduced Yugma - Software tool to online and video conferencing.

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